Finding Articles in Business Source Complete

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About Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete (BSC), accessible through UST Libraries, is a collection of business magazines and journals. 

This interactive tutorial will walk you through the process of finding scholarly articles in BSC.

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Accessing Business Source Complete

You would normally access Business Source Complete from the Research>>Databases link on the Doherty Library homepage, or from a direct link on a Research Guide.

However, if you're on campus you should already be able to see the BSC search page on the right side of this screen.

If you're off campus, you should see a screen asking for your CELT ID and password. Enter this information now to access BSC. Then, click the "Next" arrow.

Finding Scholarly Articles

Sample Topic

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will be using the following sample topic:

What are the best practices for managing virtual teams?

Let's say the paper requires that you use at least 3 scholarly sources.

You can find scholarly sources and peer-reviewed articles from business journals using the Business Source Complete database. 

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Recall that our goal is to discover best practices for managing virtual teams. The first step we must complete is to develop keywords for our topic. 

What are the best keywords to use for starting our search?

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In BSC, type in your search terms (virtual teams AND management AND best practices) and click "search".

 search box

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You should have some results on your screen. But how do you make sure they are current, scholarly information? Notice that on the left side, you will see check boxes for the following:

Full Text
Scholarly (Peer Reviewed)

bsc limits

Click on the scholarly check box. Notice the results list getting shorter. Next, change the date range to the last 5 years. Notice that the results list gets shorter again.

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You should be looking at a results list of scholarly articles about best practices for managing virtual teams written in the last 5 years. To learn more about an article, click on the article title.

The record you will see has a short summary of the article called the abstract. Read this to decide if the article is right for your project.

Click on few of the titles in the results list to see their abstracts. Which would you consider using for your paper?

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Full Text

Click "PDF Full Text" to download the full text of an article. If you don't see a PDF option, click "UST Check Availability" to search for the article in our other databases.

Access Full Text

If we do not have an article, we can get it for you via Interlibrary Loan. This free service can be used to borrow an article or book from another library that does have it.

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Saving your work

In addition to full text options, each record in the database has tools for emailing, citing, and saving the article's citation information. Use them to keep track of the articles you want to use so that you can find them again later.



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Other Resources

Congratulations on finishing this tutorial!

Now you know how to find scholarly articles in Business Source Complete. BSC also contains SWOT analyses, company profiles, and industry reports. 

If you would like more help, please Ask Us or visit the library’s website.


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